We have updated the web site based on some serious feedback.

Website Take 2

We have switched the old web site out and built this new one. It will make it easier for you our rally competitors and workers to navigate the site. Also our job of maintaining the web site will be much easier.

You will also notice that there is no forum section, nor is registration required for any section. This is because there wasn't any activity there. However if the old system was just too hard to use and there is demand, we will do some research and get a new forum for everyone to use. Please let us know.

Latest News

New Rally Added to the Series

The 2007 Season is now nine rallies. We are pleased to have the Washington DC Region hold the Mason-Dixon Trials on June 10th. We will be posting the rest of the details as they are available. Keep checking back and we will see you out on the course.

Trophy announcement

The 2006 trophies will be awarded at the first event of the 2007 year. Please come out and support our prior years winners.

The first event of the 2007 season will be the South Jersey T Party. 2006 year end awards will be presented at the end of the rally at JG Cooks in Pitman NJ.

New Season

The 2007 Season is now underway. We are working on finishing the schedule and getting out the announcements. Some new things we hope to do this year are to add a listing for all the member clubs rallies to this site, and add more rallies this year. This should help everyone find more events to run. We are looking to hold nine events this year, about one a month from March through November. The season will start with the "South Jersey T Party" on March 11th and conclude with the "Pine Barrens Express" on November 17th.

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