The 2009 Mid-Atlantic Rally Series (MARS) consists of eight rallies held throughout the Midatlantic areas of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The rallies are a mix of TSD types and will be a chalenge for our competitors. All of the MARS rallies are eligible for National SCCA road Rally Championship points. Please note that three of the South Jersey Region SCCA events are tour events. Like last year the course portion of the March Lamb is the MARS event this year.

March 28 - March Lamb XII

March Lamb XII, Sponsored by BMC and South Jersey Region SCCA

April 25 - Oldies but Goodies

Oldies but Goodies, Sponsored by South Jersey Region, SCCA

June 20 - Summer's Heat

Summer's Heat Road Rally, Sponsored by South Jersey Region SCCA

July 26 - Mason-Dixon Trials

Mason-Dixon Trials, Sponsored by Washington DC Region SCCA

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