Read The Fantastic Manual Road Rally, Sponsored by South Jersey Region SCCA

Read The Fantastic Manual Road Rally- Sunday, August 17th On Sunday August 17th Rallymasters Jim and Jeff Wakemen will present the Read The Fantastic Manual Road Rally. Once again there will be both a Course ( Trap) Rally and a non-trap Touring Rally. The Course Rally will feature traps based upon the Glossary in the Rally's Addendum. Start / Finish at JG Cooks Carolina Blue in Pitman, NJ. Dash plaques to the first 20 cars. Sign up today to guarantee your dash plaques. A reminder that you can start your own friendly competition with friends,family,co-workers etc. It takes just 2 pre-registered cars and we'll present awards to the winners. To download the flyer/ entry from for the Stay to the Left Stay to the Right Road Rally click:

Have Fun! ‘Brake’ your Cabin Fever and Run!

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