The 2009 Mid-Atlantic Rally Series announces its schedule.

The 2009 Mid-Atlantic Rally Series schedule has been announced. New to this year are Three Saturday night tour events from South Jersey Region. The MARS and SJR rally organizers hope to make the series more accessible to more people by holding saturday night events. These events replace three Sunday course rallys from SJR.

Date (Day)Rally TypeRally NameRegion
March 28 (Sat. day)CourseMarch LambSJR
April 25 (Sat.evening)TourOldies but GoodiesSJR
May 3 (Sun. day)TourGet The Dust OffWDCR
June 20 (Sat.evening)TourSummer’s HeatSJR
July 26 ( TrialsWDCR
August 23 ( MonteNNJR
September 19 (Sat.evening)TourSummer’s EndSJR
November 21 (Sat.evening)TourPine Barrens ExpressNNJR

Downloadable Schedule

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