Frederick Bridge Tour Road Rally, Sponsored by Washington DC Region SCCA

Frederick County, Maryland is home to 212 bridges over 20 foot span, of which 29 are historic, and 10 on the National Register of Historic Places. This includes three covered bridges, a stone arch bridge, and 25 metal truss bridges. This rally, inspired by a presentation of the county highway department about these bridges, will traverse a number of these historic structures as it meanders through Frederick County. Information about the bridges will be provided.

The event itself will be a straight-forward Time-Speed-Distance Monte Carlo style rally of approximately 75 competitive miles. Very short stretches of high quality unpaved may be used. Timing will be scored to 1/100 of a minute (0.01 minute). All cars are welcome. Classes will be provided for Vintage (pre-1970), Historic (1970-1981), Novice (10 or fewer rallies), and the SCCA classes of Stock, Limited, and Equipped.

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