2008 Mini Monte

Mini Monte, Sponsored by Northern NJ SCCA and Raritan Valley Sports Car Club

The SCCA of Northern NJ in association with Raritan Valley Sports Car Club proudly presents the New Jersey Mini-Monte. A rally tradition for over 35 years.

This 80 mile Monte Carlo style Map rally will cover scenic roads in Somerset, Hunterdon and Morris counties. The event is a simple Time-Speed-Distance map rally. All you have to do is follow the route shown on the map, traveling at or below the posted speed limits. All checkpoints will be shown on the map and all route instructions will include mileages.

How much easier can it be ...we give you a map of the route, with restart points in case you want to short cut the route. The event will include 12 manned and unmanned (Do-It-Yourself) checkpoints and should take about 3 hours to complete.

We invite YOU to join us at this year’s Mini Monte !

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