2008 Mason-Dixon Trials

Mason-Dixon Trials, Sponsored by Washington DC Region SCCA

This year's Mason-Dixon Trials will be held on 7/20 and will finish at Fiore Winery in Harford County where there will be a wine tasting accompanied by live music. This year's event will be held to benefit the fight against ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). All profits from this event will go to this charity. The winery is already kicking in reduced rates for the day, the Mason-Dixon wine glasses everyone will receive and the special Mason-Dixon wine which will be the trophies for the event. The SCCA National Office has waived the $5 Weekend membership fee for the event. It remains only for us to make the event profitable. Here's how we do that: 1. Set aside Sunday July 20th to either run or work the event. Checkpoint workers will get in to the tasting to enjoy the live music for free. 2. Encourage others you know to enter 3. Assist in the distribution of flyers when they become available. 4. Make a small contribution to the event. A five dollar contribution will buy 2 of the wine glasses to be given out to the competitors. That will mean that event profit will increase by $5 for every such contribution. 5. Make a $10 contribution to buy one of the bottles of wine that will be given as trophies. This will increase event profits by $10. 6. Remember that all profits from the event will go to fight ALS 7. We will release more information as it becomes available. Please come and join the fight.

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