2008 March Lamb

March Lamb XI, Sponsored by BMC and South Jersey Region SCCA

The MARCH LAMB automobile road rally traverses roads through Cecil Co. Maryland, Chester Co, PA and New Castle Co Delaware. Average speeds are at or below the posted limits. A challenge will be offered in most legs to correctly apply the rules of the rally (General Instructions/GIs). It is very important to pre-register in order to receive the GIs and prepare ahead of time. It is even more vitally important for this event since it is a course following event where the correct course or timing is often determined by correct application of the GIs. It is suggested that you visit the website (www.phillyscca.com) and review the tutorial found there dealing with the T-Rule & Protection Rule..(it is identified as Lesson #1)

March 30 - Spring Fling

The 2008 March Lamb is the first half of a double rally weekend with SJR-SCCA's Spring Fling Rally the very next day. The double rally weekend is the big kick-off for the 2008 SJR-SCCA rally series. Come run both rallies and get a head start in the SCCA National Road Rally Championship as well.

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