2008 Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Sponsored by South Jersey Region SCCA

2008 Triple Rally Weekend dash plaque
Follow the Yellow Brick Road, could this be a Wizard of Oz themed rally? To follow the course you simply follow the yellow line that's traced on the maps provided by the rallymaster. Course following couldn't be any easier. The Course rally will feature challenges involving timing while the Touring Rally will be trap-free.

Midatlantic Rally Series Contestants should enter the Course rally in the appropriate equipment class. Midatlantic Rally Series contestants may also be eligible for the special awards.

June 21 - 2008 Oldies But Goodies and Picture This

Also this weekend is the other two rallies in the SJR SCCA Triple Rally Weekend. Enter one two or three rallies. This is going to be a fantastic weekend. South Jersey Region got a great response from the double weekend. If you want to read about the rallys, just check out the June 2008 issue of Sports Car (pg. 58). this weekend should be bigger and better!. The featured format for the OBG is the ONTO rule, the Picture This featured format is PHOTO instructions.

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