2007 South Jersey T Party

South Jersey T Party, Sponsored by South Jersey Region SCCA
South Jersey T Party, Sponsored by South Jersey Region SCCA

Three TSD rallies in one: Course Rally with Equipped, Limited , Stock and Novice classes. One set of trophies for E and L as per handicap, two sets of trophies for S and two sets for N. The COURSE rally will feature the T Rule and some interesting South Jersey history Touring Rally with one set of trophies for a combined class of E, L and S as per handicap. Great Race Class with Great Race equipment regulations and 2007 handicap.

Special Awards: Form your own competition group such as Best Chevy Entrant, Best John’s Sunoco Employee, Best Friends, Best NE Rally Club Member, Best Smith Family Member, or any common bond that you have. We only require 2 prepaid entries at least one week before the rally. Then we will get the set of trophies and have them for you at the rally. Special Awards are in addition to the other awards. Call for more information. All entries in any of our rallies are automatically eligible for year end awards.

Midatlantic Rally Series Contestants should enter the Course rally in the appropriate equipment class. Midatlantic Rally Series contestants may also be eligible for the special awards.

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